The Learner Log: Find out Which Time of Day Works Best for Learning

by: Charlotte Freedman
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Charlotte Freedman

November 16, 2021

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We all have a learning style and some of us thrive more during certain times of the day than others. It is important to know what time works best for you so that you can create an effective learning schedule. In this article, we will be discussing different learning styles and how they relate to different times in the day.

Everyone works better at different times of the day. Some focus best in the early morning, some prefer to work in the afternoon, and others can only work in the evenings. Figuring out which time of day works best for you and your family lets you schedule learning time when it will be most effective.

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For those who work best in the mornings, learning right after breakfast may be your best bet. The morning is usually quiet and calm before everyone starts their day which makes it an easy time to focus on learning. It also means that you have more energy throughout the day because you are not dragging yourself through the rest of your daily responsibilities after a long afternoon learning session.

Morning learners can also benefit from learning during a virtual school. Instead of having to wake up early and go through the morning routine, learning can be done later in the day without any commute or distractions that might come with going into work for an employer where you have set hours.

People who work best in the afternoon can study at a local learning center near their workplace or school. This way learning is not interrupted by morning traffic and you don’t have to pack up your things before heading home after school just because everyone else has left for the day. Using virtual learning centers also means that those with evening jobs or other commitments will still be able to schedule learning sessions as late as they need them without having to worry about disrupting anything important back at home.

Evening learners might find studying just before bed to be effective. If reality sets in too early for you, consider delaying study time by about two hours so that you can still get enough sleep at night even though you spent most of the evening learning new material. For many people this gives them some extra motivation as they know how good they will feel when they finally go to sleep after a long day.

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By figuring out your learning style, it becomes easier to determine what times of day are most effective for learning so that you can create an effective schedule from there! It might take some time but once you get into a routine, studying becomes much simpler knowing when works best for

If you’re enrolled in a virtual school or learning program, your schedule might be unique and present you with unique advantages over traditional learning styles. For example, not having to worry about commuting (which in a major city can easily be an hour one-way) eliminates the opportunity cost associated with the lost time. That freed up time can now be used towards learning.

The best way to determine which learning style works best for you is by testing them out. Try taking some practice tests at different times throughout the day until you find what time provides your brain with enough energy but not too much so that it becomes difficult to focus on learning new material.

Getting the learning schedule that works best for you and your family doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, take advantage of online learning programs like LRNG which allow you to schedule learning sessions around your family’s needs instead of the other way around.

Stay tuned for more from our Learner Log.

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Also your phone gets a scrub-down while you learn. Two birds with one stone – pandemic edition.

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For the Night Owl

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We need a maple syrup edition please.

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