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Boundless Values – LRNG’s Value Statement

LRNG’s values are guided by the understanding that education today emphasises students. LRNG rejects this premise and believes education should focus on learners. Consider the following definitions:

Student: An institutionalized scholar seeking success in a specific field of study.

Learner: An independent thinker who asks questions and interacts directly with the world to satisfy intellectual curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge and boundless potential.

LRNG transforms students into learners. How do we do this? Through Boundless Values. 

Boundless Values

Better Future

Our raison d’être, we quite simply know that there is a better future in front of humanity. Rather than wait for it come to us, LRNG’s team work tirelessly every day to make it a reality.


How do we create a better future? It begins with optimism. We have an ideal for the future. A future of education without barriers. A future where anyone can learn anything, regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, socioeconomic status, religion, gender, age, or mental or physical disability.

Universal Accessibility

We believe that high quality education is not a privilege reserved for wealthy elites. At LRNG, this is not a political or partisan issue. It is a basic human rights issue. Access to quality education for everyone, everywhere is an essential step to solving many of the problems faced by those struggling to find their way in our society. Whether it is a lack of quality employment, an inability to put food on the table, or an inability to progress through our society, it all begins with universal access to education.


LRNG’s foundation is assembled on the principle of building a nurturing environment for our learners. This foundation gives our learners the security and opportunity to discover themselves and the world. If the learning environment is calm, organized, and peaceful, learners will feel safe and secure, which is then reflected in how they perform academically. Our educators work with learners to increase their own self-awareness. If a learner is struggling to understand a topic, they know it is okay to stop and ask for help. Only with a nurturing foundation can progress ensue.


A quick history lesson: The education system your child, you, and likely even your parents went through can be rooted back to the common school system of the 19th century. While much has evolved since common schools, the core method of learning – sitting and being lectured by a teacher – has effectively remained unchanged. Visualize life in the 19th century (we are talking coal-based home heating, commuting with horse and wagon, you get the rest). If we no longer move around on horseback, then why are we still rooted in 200-year-old teaching techniques? 

LRNG sees itself primarily as a tech organization. Using cutting edge applications to stimulate the learner’s perception of sensory and discovery, our learners develop an attitude of enthusiasm and gratitude when confronted with new concepts and ideas. LRNG is not your grandparent’s learning experience.


Legacy is not just fundamental to LRNG’s raison d’être, but to each of us as human beings. LRNG’s core is a group of people with big hearts who care about the world and its diverse, unique inhabitants. Through every learner we help, we are creating an interdependent foundation spanning across boundless generations. That is the essence of legacy: an interconnection across time with a responsibility to posterity. LRNG’s spirit is rooted in building strong communities, improving the kind of life we want to live and the kind of world we want to live in.


There is a reason why NASA named one of its space shuttles Endeavour. No, it’s not just a cool name. Endeavour is highly symbolic. It represents the cornerstone of human advancement: the desire for knowledge and a passion for exploration. And while we might not be launching rockets like NASA, we approach each student as if they could be the next person to take humanity to another planet. By fostering that innate sense of curiosity, we strive to open the learner’s mind to an existence of boundless possibilities, the never-ending endeavour of an infinite universe.


Story-scaping is a marketing industry buzzword, but at LRNG it has farther-reaching implications than captivating an audience. Story-scaping is the nuts and bolts of the LRNG experience. It’s how we disrupt, it’s how we nurture, it’s how we endeavour. At LRNG, learning isn’t a book, a teacher and a lecture. It is a journey, a path that a learner sets for the rest of their life. That is why we embrace concepts such as game-based learning and discovery education. By fostering the learner’s imagination, the learner can map together their boundless potential, and that makes learning a far more fruitful pursuit.


This flashy term gets thrown around often in the business world. When applied effectively, synergy creates a symbiotic relationship between the tools of our time and the people who wield those tools. This symbiotic relationship powers the delivery of the boundless experience. LRNG is first and foremost a technology company, specializing in disruptive technology to foster progressive education. Without synergy, neither people nor technology can progress. Without a human wielding its awesome power, a computer is just an expensive paperweight. A human without collaborative clouds, virtual reality & augmentation, Promethean panels, and iPads is missing their 21st century audience completely.  Synergy is the law that ties boundless values together. It emphasizes the positive attributes of the human-technology crossroads, while improving upon the limitations of each. Synergy cultivates a sense of place and belonging.

What happens when you combine a Better future, Optimism, Universal accessibility, Nurture, Disruption, Legacy, Endeavour, Story-scaping, and Synergy? You have the recipe for boundless potential. That is how together at LRNG, we are Shaping Boundless Generations.