The Learner Log: Forgetful Student’s Advice for Virtual Class Deadlines

by: Charlotte Freedman
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Charlotte Freedman

November 9, 2021

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Do you find yourself forgetting class deadlines? Do you cram last minute to make sure that your class is ready for work? This blog post will help solve these problems. It’s a guide on how to organize classwork and stay organized throughout the semester. We’ll talk about how to set up an agenda, different ways of organizing class materials, and other helpful tips! These tips apply whether you’re enrolled in a brick-and-mortar school, or whether you’re enrolled in a virtual or eLearning program.

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The quickest way to stay organized create an agenda. Once it’s done, print it. Make sure to write down important class deadlines and projects on the agendas as well! Keep them next to each other so they’re easily accessible when need be (e.g., during class). If you don’t understand something or have questions about upcoming work, ask your instructor right away. They’ll be happy to answer any of your concerns!

Don’t like agendas? Use different folders/planners/posters in which you can keep important class material like handouts, notes taken during class, worksheets etc.. This will make organization easier. You can also use different colored folders so you know what class the material is for! If you’re someone who gets confused quickly, write the class title on top of each folder/planner/poster. Write down academic deadlines and milestones! This may seem obvious to some people but others find themselves forgetting important due dates. Make sure to write them all in one place so they don’t get forgotten or misplaced later on!

Another smart trick is to refer to the course syllabus. The syllabus will often contain down-range deadlines. Use it as a guide for your agenda. If you need to, make copies of the syllabus and put them in different places (e.g., at home and school). You may also want to create an academic journal! Use this when writing about any upcoming classwork/essays etc.. Write down questions that came up during lectures or anything. Your class doesn’t have a syllabus? You can simply ask your teacher for the long-term class schedule.

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Do you keep track of your life on your smartphone? You’re not alone. In fact, many students do. Make sure that your agenda is in here as well! You can simply add it to the home screen or calendar app so you won’t forget about important class due dates and milestones. Another great thing to keep track of tasks done during lectures/classwork etc.. Use a reminder system like Google Calendar which sends out notifications to remind you when something needs completing (e.g., homework). Don’t be afraid to ask for help if things get too overwhelming! Keep these tips in mind when organizing class material and school work will become very easy. Soon enough, deadlines won’t even phase you because they’ll all be written down on paper beforehand.

If you’re in a virtual program, all these deadlines might already be conveniently linked to your personal account. This is one of the benefits of eLearning. No need to worry about printing class agenda’s or writing down deadlines! Most eLearning programs make use of a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Google Classroom. Here you can see all your classes and deadlines in one place. You won’t have to go searching for agenda’s or syllabi since everything will be readily available.

However, whether you’re in a physical school or online learning institution make sure to check with your teacher for further instructions. Don’t forget that it’s okay to ask questions! Instructors are more than happy to answer them and help students stay organized throughout the semester. Doing all this work may seem tedious but it’s definitely worth it. These steps will make you more organized and less stressed about getting everything done by due dates (e.g., essays). We hope these tips helped and

If you’re forgetful like me, then class deadlines are the first to go. I often find myself scrambling to get everything done at the last minute. It’s not fun, and it can be stressful!

Stay tuned for more from our Learner Log.

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Daisy by bloom daily planners

Why we love it: For the learner who needs just a little bit more from their stuff. Front section includes: personal info page with yearly mission statement, goal setting page, vision board, class scheduling template, reading log, notes pages. Back section includes classroom resources such as: parts of speech, punctuation, conversion tables, geometry and biology basics, periodic table, U.S. government basics, map of U.S., plus a “Year in Review” page.

We need a Canadian Edition please.

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