LRNG Academy Introduces White Glove Service

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White Glove Service stands to become LRNG’s re-introduction to in-person learning.

Collingwood, Ontario | LRNG Academy (pronounced “Learning Academy”) is an Ontario, Canada based progressive upstart working to disrupt the education industry. Since the start of the pandemic, LRNG has focused almost exclusively on providing virtual education service (eLearning and online tutoring) to learners. While this model has proven successful for a broad group of students, there are still students falling through virtual cracks. LRNG acknowledges this in its values statement by indicating synergy between the virtual and physical world as one of its Boundless Values (read more about LRNG’s Boundless Values here). 

As more children become eligible for vaccination against COVID-19, LRNG is preparing to fill the virtual cracks with a physical presence into learners’ homes. This presence, packaged as White Glove Service by LRNG, will see better connections between learners and educators, particularly for learners who have difficulty paying attention online or who suffer from slower internet speeds.

White Glove Service will blend three components. 

  1. The materials pillar, consisting of a mixture of traditional learning materials (books) with more progressive game-based materials (building blocks, cards, virtual reality, etc.) aims to provide both substance and variety to keep the learner engaged even through the most mundane subject matter. Materials are delivered to the learner’s home and are replenished just prior to being exhausted.* 
  2. The second component is self-guided virtual support to keep the learner on-track. Similar to eLearning, self-guided virtual learning consists of online modules to keep the learner on the correct path. Virtual support is crucial for learners who only access LRNG’s educators once or twice a week. It provides the educator means to remain in constant contact.
  3. Finally, White Glove Service blends the first two components with in-home educator service, which allows families to enjoy the best learning service available without lifting a finger. Our educator will come to your door with everything prepared and materials in hand. The family only needs to provide a space in the home for focused learning.
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White Glove Service is subject to strict health and safety measures. All LRNG educators providing in-home tutoring and class services are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. All members of the household being visited by an LRNG educator who are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine must also be vaccinated. Exceptions include children who are not yet eligible for vaccination, or those with a valid medical exemption. 

White Glove Service will begin with a soft launch in Q1 2022 and will be focused on learners from grades K – 8. Service will initially be available to select postal codes in the Toronto, Ontario area (select postal codes starting with M). By Q4 2022 LRNG aims to have White Glove Service available to all M postal codes, as well as select L postal codes in Durham, Peel, York and Simcoe. By the end of 2022, LRNG aims to offer White Glove Service to the entire Southern Ontario region – postal codes starting with K, L, M & N. LRNG will offer a postal code lookup on its website ( so families can quickly identify if and when White Glove Service is available in their area.

White Glove Service options for learners will mirror what is currently offered in LRNG’s popular Virtual Curriculum Enrichment program. Services will be offered in English, French and Spanish, with language availability dependent on educator availability by postal code. Literacy, mathematics and sciences will all be available subjects, just as in LRNG’s Curriculum Enrichment program.

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In-home service is subject to health and safety regulations. Should a closure be required as per government orders, White Glove Service will automatically continue virtually under LRNG’s Curriculum Enrichment program. For more information on this program please visit our website.

LRNG Academy is pleased to announce the launch of their in-home tutoring service in its home province of Ontario, Canada. A new way to learn in a relaxed environment with one-on-one instruction from qualified tutors, this service will be offered in several areas in Ontario. Parents can now have peace of mind knowing that their child is getting individualized attention and support as they learn at home. LRNG Academy offers a complete learning experience for students of all ages and levels!

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About LRNG Academy: Learning and Research for the Next Generation Academy, shortened to LRNG Academy (and pronounced Learning Academy) is a Canadian-based, locally oriented, globally engaged not-for-profit group focused on providing equitable access to education for all learners. LRNG Academy’s Learning Evolution Applications Program (LEAP) (known internally as Moonshots) simultaneously conducts research and development into medium-term future tech for academic applications. End results are then integrated into LRNG’s virtual eLearning content. LRNG’s young, diverse and inclusive team pride themselves on being education disrupters. With both breadth and depth in understanding the complex world of education, LRNG knows that we have barely begun to scratch the surface of virtual learning. 

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LRNG’s research and development division – nicknamed Moonshots – actively works to identify the most effective approach to education in a rapidly evolving 21st century learning environment. The current solution – White Glove Service – is being seen as the most robust embodiment of Moonshots’ R&D using the information available to us today. The R&D team at Moonshots recognizes how rapidly our world is changing. Moonshots will continue its research to improve upon the White Glove Service program as new processes, systems and technologies become available.

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LRNG’s non-profit efforts focus on ensuring that all learners have access to a high quality of education, regardless of gender, race, socio-economic status, or geographic location. LRNG works domestically by providing free virtual workshops to all learners in addition to its tuition-based services. LRNG further works internationally by opening its platform to those neglected by or denied access to education by their local authorities. LRNG is axiomatically opposed to and works to actively circumvent the authority of jurisdictions opposed to access to education as a basic and universal human right, defined by Article 26 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

*Delivery available with select tiers of service.