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LRNG Virtual Back to School

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Virtual Back to School - Preparation Program

Working in a private virtual environment, one student will work with a dedicated educator. The educator will work with the student to catch up on anything missed on the curriculum from previous school year. If and when student has caught up on the previous year, the educator will then work with the student on new concepts likely to be presented in classrooms (or virtual classrooms) this coming fall. Our academic experts will provide custom-designed assignments and resources to help your child excel. Focus for this program is on mathematics and English literacy.
Frequency: Five days a week. Minimum one week commitment.​

Ratio: Up to five students per educator.​

Price: Starting from $100 / week (for a four week commitment).​

Grade Range: 1 - 8. Based on Ontario placement system. Class availability may vary


We're Here to Help

There are currently 1.5 billion children affected by school shutdowns worldwide. Yes, billion with a B. Many jurisdictions are switching to eLearning, which is the industry’s buzzword for providing learning materials over the internet. More advanced versions of eLearning also include video conferences with the educator.

However, most educational institutions, including in our home of Ontario, are new to eLearning. It’s a steep learning curve for school boards, for teachers, and most importantly, for students.

Our progressive use of technology in education puts us in a strong position to help students. We’re here to bridge that gap.

Find out more about our Virtual Academic Assistance service

What is eLearning?

In the past little while, this buzzword has kicked up into our mainstream lexicon. But what exactly is eLearning? The answer goes deeper than you might think!

​Yes, in the simple possible sense, eLearning is education delivered online through a computer or any other digital device. But done well, it is a highly effective teaching technique that can both compliment and replace traditional learning. Tools, such as live video conferencing, screen sharing, document sharing and collaboration and interactive activities when used in conjunction can provide a similar experience to classroom learning. The digital sphere has caught up to the point where it can provide this experience in a fruitful way.

​In the near future, the mainstream proliferation of virtual reality will drive eLearning to the next future, turning into the avant-garde of how the next generation is taught. Virtual trips to the top of Mount Everest, or Mars, of the Earth’s core will bring two-dimensional text book objects into three-dimensional reality. Holographic technology will bring historical characters to life, sharing their experiences, and their lessons. A combination of this technology will allow students to remotely collaborate on building an ecosystem, a planet, or even a galaxy in 3D!

These near-future tools will allow students to graduate beyond textbooks. LRNG will be at the forefront of these advances.

​​All this will occur in our lifetimes. This is the essense of eLearning.