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Virtual Curriculum Supplementation - Four Weeks

Is your child not receiving enough homework? With Curriculum Supplementation service, our academic experts will provide additional assignments and resources to help your child excel. Assignments will be based on what's being taught in class, but might be more advanced in practice. The perfect program to propel your child into the academic elite. With this full-service program, we got you covered A-Z.

We will always strive to deliver on your requested day and time, however in some exceptional circumstances we might be unable to accommodate. In this rare case, we will reach out for alternative accommodation.

This service is subject to LRNG's Terms of Service. Terms of Service are available to view here.

Please note: There is a 14 day processing time from the time of booking until the first class. The processing time allows our scheduling team to ensure availability, and for our educator to adequately prepare for the class.
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Virtual Curriculum Supplementation - Four Weeks
Product Details
Frequency: Either two times a week, or three times a week.
Two times a week occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Three times a week occurs on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

Ratio: One student per educator.
If you have twins with similar academic proficiency, we are able to accommodate them both into the same class. To request this arrangement, please send an email to

Duration: One hour per day.

Commitment Period: Four weeks.
For the one week option, please visit the product page for Virtual Curriculum Supplementation - One Week.

Grade Range: K - 12. Based on Ontario placement system. 
If you are an out-of-Ontario or out-of-Canada registrant, please leave a note in the comments during registration so we can prepare adequate accommodation.
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