Shaping Boundless Generations

by: LRNG Academy

In our modern world, oftentimes promoting progressive approaches implies embracing new technologies to better reach 21st century students. These students are more likely to be exposed to technology before ever entering their first classroom. When classrooms have not evolved at the same pace as the rest of our society, it can cause friction, undermine educator authority, or even worse, result in student regression.

Technology is readily available, accessible, and in many cases can cost less than a tank of gas or a dinner at a restaurant. Because of these factors, many organizations such as school boards and philanthropist non-profits strive to proliferate technology into classrooms, thinking that will fill the inequity gap and produce better results. While their intentions are noble, what many experts and institutions fail to account for is the educator factor. Oftentimes, educators either do not know how to use the technology or are simply overwhelmed by the endless potential of its application. Faced with these challenges, some educators end up returning to the safety of what they know and trust. The result is educators, many from older generations, using techniques from the previous century to reach students who have moved on.

LRNG Shaping Boundless Generations

LRNG is working an educator-first approach to close the tech gap between students and educators. With so many options and tools now available, which one is best? Should we share documents with Google Docs or Microsoft Word? Should we video conference our students using Zoom, Skype or Meet? Should we collaborate with Trello or Asana? What apps work better to reach students with learning disabilities? The possibilities are endless, and often the answer is not one-size-fits-all. Each educator and classroom have unique challenges that requires a unique set of software, hardware and application.

LRNG continuously researches these tools, especially now during the pandemic when technology has become an existential savior for educators and students alike. Through LRNG Virtual, we are establishing best practices and sharing the results of our research with students directly with educators. Through helping one educator at a time, we strive to Shape Boundless Generations of students.